32, Graphic Designer

Collagen has always been a myth or know some or know little to me, I only knew it benefits our skin. When my wedding big day is around the corner, with all the preparation, typical customary practice, works and others issue that stress me up to the roof, I almost break down by looking at my deteriorate skin.

Miracle comes, when my friend introduce ‘FirmUp’ Collagen Drink to me, its not just making my skin problem go away, it makes my skin looking more firming and radiant.

I have an absolutely fabulous wedding photo shoot sessions which I totally love it! My make-up artist surprise that in such short amount  of time, my skin improve so much. You must try it to know how it works for you.


34, Personal Assistant

Skin is like a shield for any human being, thus it is important to look after it. It can represent your character as well as boost up your confidence in any occasion.

Like me, as a mother and a professional Personal Assistant, we constantly fighting with time, juggling at home and workplace, not to mention dealing with those ‘stress’ when headache time.

To have good skin is essential for modern mum like us. Who doesn’t want to look good for themselves, right? My total easy, effective and economical ways to maintain my skin is ‘FirmUp’ Collagen Drinks. By replenishing the lost collagen into our body fighting the aging system will keep your skin firm and reduce wrinkless forming.

FirmUp is convenient and easy to get from any major pharmacy.


In my opinion, the taste of this Lennox Firm Up+Forte collagen drink is quite okay. It does not have the fishy smell like some other collagen drinks like being told by the other beauty bloggers. This liquid collagen drink actually smells like grape juice and is quite tasty. It is able to cover away the slight bitterness of the anti ageing powder essence after mixing well together. After consuming it daily for 21 days, my skin is getting slightly brighter and radiant and is more supple. The OPC contained in it really helps to lighten up my skin tone and reduces my acne scars. Besides that, my oily skin is getting better than previously. My skin seems like able to hold more water than usual. It even improves my make up application. I am happy with the result obtained and I will rate it at 4.5/5 stars. In conclusion, it is better to prevent the formation of wrinkles rather than curing it when it is too late. Hence, I will still continue to consume collagen drink even though I am still only at the age of 20. I would say that I will definitely repurchase it and fill up my supply of collagen drink whenever there is promotion since I get a satisfactory result as what the product promises.

Cik Puan Chahaya

First time sis consume Lennox Firm Up+Forte Gold 10,000mg collagen…rasa dia masam sangat plus bau dia macam bau hanyir rumpai laut..tujuan sis consume supplemen ni sebab sis seorang yang makan tak ikut rules sepatutnya..sis makan segala junk food..minuman manis toksah tanya, setiap hari..jadi untuk membalance kan pengambilan makanan berkhasiat yang sis skip tu sis consume la benda alah ni.. Bercakap dari pengalaman menggunakan Lennox Firm Up+Forte Gold 10,000mg collagen : Firm up ni boleh firm kan kulit korang tau…dia takde la bg putih atau glowing..just firm, nessesary for those whose in the middle thirdtees just like me…Yes, it’s true that we can’t prevent ourselves from getting old..but by consuming this, it can slow down the wrinkles progress…? Setelah sebulan sis consume,mmg produk ni menjadikan kulit sis lebih firm..pimples pon kurang..less wrinkles..tapi ia tak glowing kan kulit…Selain consume produk ni, korang perlu juga minum air 8 gelas sehari…for better result la kan..